Birthright Israel Plus with BINA

Birthright gave you Israel – now you can give back!


Take your Birthright experience to a whole new level - see another side of Israel, make a meaningful contribution and learn more about the challenges of Israeli society. Join our Birthright Israel Plus program and spend a few extra days volunteering in south Tel Aviv at the end of your trip.

BINA's Tel Aviv Secular Yeshiva is located in an area that will enable you to volunteer with the diverse members of the local community including Arab Israelis, African asylum seekers and refugees, new Olim, and Jewish families from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Program Overview:

Day 1- Full Day Introduction to the Program

Days 2-5 Volunteer (4-6 hours per day)

Day 5 Afternoon- summary of the program

Accommodation will be in a Tel Aviv hostel.

Birthright Organizers - contact us to find out how you can organise Birthright Plus for your bus:

Birthright Participants - ask your organiser how you can get involved in the program.


BINA Birthright Plus - volunteering in south Tel Aviv