College Credits

Earn college credits with BINA Gap Year, in partnership with Gratz College!

Earn college credits with BINA and Gratz College

Since the start the 2016-17 academic year, you can now receive college credits for select classes at BINA in partnership with Gratz College!

After completing the program, you'll be able to request an official transcript from Gratz College that you can send to your college or university and request to transfer credits! (please note that you must consult with your college or university in advance to clarify whether or not they will accept transfer credits from Gratz - BINA and Gratz are not responsible for institutions that decline to accept transfer credits). Click here for a list of institutions that have accepted Gratz credits in the past.

BINA is proud to partner with Gratz College, the oldest pluralistic Jewish college in the United States. With its home campus in Philadelphia, Gratz has been teaching Jewish studies and training Jewish professionals and leaders since 1895.

BINA and Gratz will offer 3 courses with the option of receiving college credits, with a maximum total of 9 possible credits. To receive the credit, you will need to pay a tuition fee to Gratz ($650 per course), and will be required to complete special coursework, including out-of-class readings, presentations and papers. At the end of the semester, you will receive a letter grade that will be registered with Gratz college.

Courses Available for Credits:

  • Jewish Philosophy and the Jewish Question by Yotam Yzraeli: This course takes us through a bird’s eye view of Jewish philosophy from 2000 years ago until the modern Jewish thinkers of today, focusing on how Jewish thought affected Jewish life throughout the ages, how it affects us today, and ultimately, how it shapes and attempts to answer the Jewish Question.
  • Modern Israel: History of Pioneer Movement, Current Issues in Israeli Society with Muki Tzur: In this course, we will look at discussions and events surrounding the state of Israel, from pre-state Israel at the First Zionist Congress until Israel today. We will especially focus on the Pioneer Zionist movement, its history, revolutionary aspects, and how this movement evolved to influence all aspects of Israeli life.
  • Beginning Conversational Hebrew: This class teaches the building blocks of Hebrew including basic conversation, the alphabet in block and script letters, and how to read and write. By the end of the semester, students will know approximately 1000 words in Hebrew, have elementary grammar skills, and have experience reading short stories and speaking in limited conversation.

Contact us to learn more, or click here to start applying!

Please note that all participants who wish to receive college credits must fill out BOTH the BINA Gap Year application, and the Gratz College Registration Form.