Upon arrival all participants in Masa Israel Teaching Fellows will take part in an intensive orientation to prepare you to start working in the school. This orientation will provide information regarding all aspects of Israel's educational system including the English curriculum, materials used, teaching styles and tehcniques, classroom culture and more! This time is used to help prepare you for your role as an English teaching assistant. Additionally, all MITF fellows will have the opportunity to participate in Ulpan (Hebrew learning). Ulpan will give you the tools necessary to immerse yourself in Israeli society, as well as to interact with your students on a deeper level.


As an MITF Fellow, you will spend 4 days (25 hours) each week as an English teacher's assistant in a local elementary or middle school, whose educational systems traditionally lag behind those in better-off areas of Israel. Your work is crucial in helping to provide equal educational opportunities to both Arab and Jewish youth, while providing under-achieving students with important role models. In addition, you will volunteer 5 hours each week outside the classroom with an organization serving the community.


On MITF with BINA you'll live in an apartment in a community close to the school you will work in (walking distance or a short bus ride). Your apartment will be equipped with all of the basics (furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.), as well as wireless internet. You'll get to experience day-to-day life in your community, alongside your Israeli neighbors, and will also be part of a community of young Israeli activists from other BINA projects in the area.


The tuition cost of ITF 2017-18 is $1,000 for the 10 month program. Your tuition payment includes:

1. Living accommdations

2. Israeli health insurance

3. Weekly enrichment classes

4. 3,000 shekel monthly stipend (just over $800)

5. Reimbursement for your flight