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About the Organization:

What is Masa Israel Teaching Fellows?

Israel Teaching Fellows is on a 10-month, hands-on service program, bringing high quality college graduates from English-speaking countries to teach English in Israel. The goal is to ultimately address Israel's educational achievement gap, and the widespread underperformance of youth in low-income communities.

What is BINA, and how does it relate to Israel Teaching Fellows?

BINA is the leading organization at the intersection of Jewish Pluralism & Social Action in Israel. BINA strives to strengthen Israel as a democratic pluralistic society, by emphasizing Judaism as a culture, through Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (in Hebrew means "repair the world"). In 1996, BINA was founded in response to the breakdown in public trust and unity during the aftermath of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

BINA has many years of experience running programs designed for international participants based on the foundations of coexistence, pluralism and social action. Using these values, BINA has designed an Israel Teaching Fellowship to join diversity and coexistence, while promoting equal learning opportunities and creating open dialogue.

As part of BINA’s Israel Teaching Fellows, you will join a program that is based on BINA’s unique pluralistic and humanist values, interacting with BINA staff on a regular basis. You will also work in partnership with local organizations who promote coexistence and diversity in their communities. However, you will have the opportunity to join with other Israel Teaching Fellows around the country to engage in unique enrichment classes and tours, as well as a pedagogical orientation.

Who funds Israel Teaching Fellows?

Israel Teaching Fellows is made possible through a generous grant given by MASA and the Israeli Ministry of Education. MASA is a joint venture between the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Am I eligible to be an Israel Teaching Fellow?

To be an Israel Teaching Fellow, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  •  Be Jewish (or have at least one Jewish grandparent)
  •  Be a college graduate
  •  Not been on an organized program in Israel (including an academic program) of more than four months since September 2004

Fees & Expenses:

What is the exact cost of the program, and what does this cover?

Due to a generous grant given by MASA and the Israeli Ministry of Education, the program cost for the full 10 months is $1000. This includes:

  • Fully-furnished accommodations with other program participants
  • A monthly living stipend
  • Pedagogical orientation
  • Hebrew Ulpan classes
  • Enrichment classes and tours
  • Health insurance
  • Flight reimbursement

How does the flight reimbursement work?

After the successful completion of the full 10 month program, Masa will reinmburse the cost of your airfare, up to the equivalent of 5000 shekels (~$1200).


Where will I work?

BINA’s Israel Teaching Fellows will have the incredible opportunity to work in undeserved communities in Israel. Click on the links below to read more about them.



Migdal Ha’Emek


Where will I live?

On ITF-BINA you'll live in an apartment in a community close to the school you will work in (walking distance or a short bus ride). Your apartment will be equipped with all of the basics (furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.), as well as wireless internet. You'll get to experience day-to-day life in your community, alongside your Israeli neighbors, and will also be part of a community of young Israeli activists from other BINA projects in the area.

What Will I do?

What happens upon my arrival in Israel?

Upon your arrival in Israel, you will have the opportunity to meet you fellow ITF-BINA participants in the city you will call home for the next 10 months. While you get adjusted to life in Israel, you will also undergo an opening city orientation as well as ulpan classes.

After your initial few days in Israel, a general pedagogical orientation will take place, focused on acclimatizing you to the Israeli school environment and teacher training. You will also have the chance to meet other ITF participants volunteering in other cities throughout Israel.

What will my typically weekly schedule look like?

While of course, no two weeks as an Israel Teaching Fellow are exactly alike, a typical week as a program participant looks something like this:

  • 4 days working in your school (~8:00 - 15:00 daily), with 1 set day off
  • 2 evenings of intensive Hebrew class (Ulpan)
  • Educational and training sessions, or trips around Israel
  • 1 afternoon or evening of volunteer work


How can I apply to be an Israel Teaching Fellow in Rahat, Nazareth, or Migdal Ha’Emek?

You can apply here now. We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis from qualified candidates for the upcoming 2017-2018 session.