Visits & Tours

Bring your group to participate in a wide variety of tours, workshops and seminars on topics ranging from Jewish identity to social justice - at BINA’s Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

Sessions are offered in Hebrew, English, and other languages, can include mifgash (personal encounters) with students, teachers, and volunteers, and can be tailored to meet each group’s unique needs.


1. Tours 2. Workshops & Study Sessions 3. Full Day or Multi-Day Seminars & Courses 4. Plan your Visit / Contact Us

         1. Tours

BINA Tours are based on BINA’s belief in the combined power of “Study & Action.” All of our tours are combined with interactive study sessions that bridge between Jewish sources and the current realities of Israel today.

Our Tel Aviv tours include:

• Neve Shaanan: Residents, Refugees, and Others

• Shapira, South Tel Aviv: Insiders & Outsiders

• From Rothschild Blvd to the “Lowest Place in Tel Aviv”: The Highs & Lows of Israeli Society

• Co-Existence: Jaffa as Illustration and Incubator

• Tel Aviv Hebrew City Tour: Jewish Culture & Diversity in the "First Modern Hebrew City"

• Tel Aviv Rainbow Tour: LGBTQ History and Life in Tel Aviv Today

        2. Workshops & Study Sessions

Our workshops and study sessions can take place at our Secular Yeshiva campus in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Be'er Sheva, or our educators can come to you. Topics include:

• Beyond "Us" and "Them": Discuss current issues of Jews and non-Jews in Israeli society (such as Jews & Arabs, refugees & work immigrants) through rabbinic texts with progressive messages.

• Jewish Social Action: Engage in interactive study of traditional and contemporary Jewish texts that relate to social justice in our home communities and in Israel.

• Synagogue & State: Learn about the relationship between religion and state, from ancient Israel, through the Diaspora to modern Israel. Explore current issues of religion & state in Israel, such as women’s issues, marriage, LGBT issues, and more.

• "The Jewish Identity Game" or "Israel vs. Diaspora, Round 1": Explore different models of Jewish identity from the Bible to Zionism and challenge your own identity. Learn about the identity crisis facing Israeli Jews & Diaspora Jews today. What does it mean to be a Jew in the 21st century? Meet with Israeli and Diaspora Jews studying and volunteering at the Secular Yeshiva.

• Green Judaism: Explore the intersection of Judaism, environmentalism, and social activism with an interactive learning workshop in BINA's urban micro-farm in the heart of south Tel Aviv.

• Queering the Torah: A venture into the world of queer and inclusive reading of Jewish sources as a means of empowerment and reclaiming identity.

• And more!

         3. Full Day & Multi-Day Seminars

BINA offers a full range of interactive learning opportunities – from single session classes/tours to multi-session courses, intensive seminars for a week, a month or a season. For more information on full day seminars or other extended learning opportunities, please contact Hila -!

       4. Planning Your Visit

Whether you're interested in a session for your tour group or in building a summer-long curriculum, we look forward to your visit!

• Study sessions (45-minute and 1.5 hour options)

• Study session + tour (1.5 hours – 3 hours)

• Full-day seminars multi-day courses

• Extended seminars/courses/curricula

For more information contact:

Hila Shaulski, Director of Short-Term Programs Mobile: (+972) 54-594-2321 Email: The Secular Yeshiva of BINA, Lavon 3 (Corner of Kibbutz Galuiot), Tel Aviv, Israel