Coexistence & Shared Society

Dear Friends,

We have decided to make a commitment and we ask you to join us.

This year has been a most challenging year: war, hate crimes, increased racism and intolerance in the public sphere… Now more than ever, Israel is in need of strong voices that speak out against racism and work for coexistence not in spite of Judaism, but in the name of Judaism.

As a leader of Jewish pluralism and social action in Israel, BINA has decided to commit itself this year to increase our efforts in combatting racism and fostering coexistence and shared society in Israel, through:

• Hands-On Coexistence: Increased efforts to bring Israeli Jews and Arabs together, to get to know one another, to address challenges together, and to work together to solve problems and create shared society. (Current projects include Tikkun Olam Co-Existence Track & Neighborhood Projects in mixed neighborhoods in Jaffa, Beersheva, Ramla and Lod. Stay tuned for info on our new Babazman Urban Shared Society Task Force initiative (Coming Soon!).

• Education: In the educational programs that we run for thousands of Israelis each year (students, teachers, IDF soldiers, children and adults), we will place a new focus on coexistence, on combatting racism, and on reaffirming tolerance and pluralism as Jewish values. (For more information on our work with school students & teachers click here; for more information on our work in the IDF click here.)

• Public Advocacy: In the public sphere we will act as a strong Jewish voice that rejects racism and calls for tolerance and understanding in the name of Judaism and Jewish values. (Click here for recent articles and statements from BINA.)

Click here to donate now to show your support for BINA’s commitment to coexistence, pluralism, and shared society in Israel. Or contact us to get involved or learn more about our work.