Beit BINA in India

לוגו בית בינה בהודו - חדש-01 Beit BINA (BINA House) in Dharamsala, India engages the thousands of young Israelis and other young Jews traveling through the region who have found exploration of their Jewish culture and Jewish identity a pivotal element of their journey in a foreign land. Beit BINA invites travelers to celebrate Jewish holidays and Shabbat together, attend study sessions (“Limmud”) and group discussions, partake in communal activities and familiar rituals – all in the spirit of BINA’s pluralistic, cultural, and social-values-based Judaism.
Seder night 2017

Beit BINA offers visitors a way of connecting with other travelers as well as the surrounding community and culture. The Houses and House-representatives facilitate encounters with local leaders and social action initiatives. All of these opportunities respect the practices of the place and the needs of the local community. They also support the interests of the travelers, as well as cultivating the values of pluralism, cross-cultural exchange, and social justice on which BINA prides itself.

Sigal and Shai Levy
We’re excited to announce that Beit BINA in Dharamsala, India reopened a week before Pesach, with new house representatives Shai and Sigal Levy. Since their arrival hundreds of travelers have enjoyed holiday activities including Seder night, Minouna, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha'atzmut and Tikkun Leil Shavuot! Sigal and Shai have planned a full program of weekly workshops, kabalat Shabbat, environmental activities and much much more. Everyone is welcome to come along and join our activities - the more the merrier!

See you in India!

For more information contact, or find the House and the House-representatives on their Hebrew Facebook page.

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Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day) May 2017