Eran Baruch

Executive Director of BINA

BINA is the place where I can express my Jewishness in the most full and challenging way."

Eran Baruch, a proud redhead, was born and raised in the cooperative Israeli moshav Beit-Zait. In 1985 he joined the army and served in the combat unit Golani as a company commander. In 1992 Eran spent three years in Budapest, Hungary as an emissary for the Jewish Agency. Eran has held several positions at BINA, including Educational Director and Rosh Yeshiva. He is the initiator of BINA’s social action program (“BINA BaShchuna”) and the founder of BINA’s Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv. Currently he serves as BINA's Executive Director. Eran holds a BA in Humanities and an MA from Bar-Ilan University in Hermeneutics. He lives in Srigim located in the Valley of Elah with his wife and three children. +972.3.5342997

Noga Brenner Samia

Deputy Director of BINA

BINA means 'Home for the Creation of a Nation's Soul'...for me it just means 'home'."

Noga was raised both in New York and Netanya. After serving as a sergeant in the IDF, Noga attained a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, an MBA at Washington University in St. Louis and an MA in Pluralistic Jewish Education from HUC/Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She worked in the military and the pharmaceutical industries in finance, sales and marketing. In 2005, Noga joined KolDor, a global network of young Jewish leaders promoting Jewish Peoplehood, as executive director. She is currently Deupty Director at BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change and a teacher at the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv. She is the founder of a Jewish renewal community in Tel-Mond, where she lives with her husband and three children. +972.52.2751577

Nir Braudo

Head of the Secular Yeshiva Network, BINA Deputy Director

Danger! Construction Zone!! At BINA we are building the 2nd floor of the Zionist idea. The Renaissance of the Jewish culture, ongoing struggle for social justice and the love of all mankind are our building materials."

Nir Braudo was born in 1977 in Kiriyat Ono. He did a year of pre-army service with the Noar HaOved in Bet Shean. He served as an officer in the Nahal and currently serves as a Major in the reserves. Nir is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University's department of Hebrew literature. Nir initiated and coordinated the “Din Rodef Shalom” campaign prior to the disengagement from Gaza. He was a permanent guest on Y-Net and on Chanel 10’s Torah Portion program for children. Nir is a member of the founding committee of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel-Aviv, and is now head of the Yeshiva and teacher there. He founded the Beer Sheva branch of BINA and was the director of BINA’s Social Action program (BINA BaShchuna) in Beer Sheva and Tel-Aviv. Previously he served as central shaliach for the WZO in the USA. Nir lives in Tel-Aviv with his wife and two children. +972.3.639.9127

Tamir Nir

Director of the Secular Yeshiva, Tel Aviv

At BINA I found a home, a family, a community. BINA is a place where I can be the architect of my own Jewish culture, to develop a new way of life and to bring about change in Israeli society."

Tamir Nir, Director of the Secular Yeshiva Tel Aviv is a married father of three and lives in Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem. He is the Rabbi of the “Achva B’Kerem” (which he founded himself) – a community committed to environmental sustainability, Jewish renewal and social action. Tamir is the chairman of the Heshel Center, a member of the Jerusalem City Council and was the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem. Tamir has degrees in Jewish Pluralistic Education, Architecture and Urban Planning. He is an educator, a group facilitator and teaches Judaism and the environment in various pluralist Beit Midrash programs as well as working with communities and community leaders in an advisory capacity on urban sustainability. 054-4807400

Dr. Shimon Vaknin

Director of the Beer Sheva Secular Yeshiva

Learn and teach, demand and do."

Dr. Shimon Vanknin attended Yeshiva High School Ohel Moshe in Beer Sheva. During his military service, Shimon served as a major in the Nahal Brigade and as captain in battalion 7020. After graduating from Ben Gurion University with a Bachelors in Jewish thought, Shimon went on to receive his doctorate in Bible and Ancient Eastern studies. As part of a national project led by Professor Uri Ehrlich, Shimon spent 6 years researching ancient prayers. Shimon has been teaching Bible in the education system for over ten years, and has taught Bible and rabbinic literature at Ben Gurion University, Kaye College and Achva Academic College. Born and raised in Beer Sheva, Shimon still lives there today with his wife and two children.

Ariel Levinson

Co-Director of the Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva

There’s nothing like being a part of an important educational mission that’s changing the face of Israeli society.”

Ariel was born in Jerusalem and currently resides there with his wife and two children. He is a history teacher, scholar and literary critic, but it was his background in education and entrepreneurship that led to the establishment of the Secular Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Ariel is currently teaching at Hebrew University while writing a doctorate in Hebrew Literature. +972.77.3372561

Ma’ayan Arazi Malnarsky

Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing

Ma’ayan lives in Ramat Hasharon and has two children. She has a BA in Communications and Management from the College of Management and an MBA from Tel Aviv University as well as an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University. She began her career as a client manager and supervisor in advertising and managed numerous campaigns for commercial clients and pro-bono work in the non-profit sector. Maayan joined BINA in April 2016 and since then she successfully led BINA’s re-branding process, works on the implementation and mainstreaming of internal organizational work processes and manages training and development of professional skills among the various work teams.

Uri Carmel

Director of BINA Bashchuna

I came to BINA in order to implement community service and social work that is inspired by the deep values of humanism and solidarity that are fundamental in our Jewish culture."

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Ashdod, Uri is a community social worker by training. Uri currently lives in Be'er Sheva and is a member of "Kamah" - an urban cooperative community. Uri served as an Aliyah Shaliach and as the Habonim Dror representative in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Uri is one of the founders of “BINA BaSchunah" (BINA in the Neighborhood) in Be'er Sheva. He has been director of the nationwide “BINA BaSchunah” program since 2010.

Dr. Zvia Peres Valden

BINA Advisory Board member

Zvia is the eldest daughter of former president Shimon Peres and his wife Sonia. She finished school for teaching French at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and went on to get her doctorate in psycho-linguistics at Harvard University in 1981. She specializes in children’s language, literacy and use of a computer for reading and writing as well as researching text from Jewish sources. She founded the journal “Written Thoughts,” established the Center for Language Cultivation at Beit Berl College in 1984 and the Entrepreneurship Institute for language and computers in 1996. Today, she is the director of a new venture “Hebrew Space” in Rishon Letzion. In addition to her professional work, she is an activist for human rights and the peace process in Israel.

Prof. Yuval Dror

BINA Advisory Board member

Yuval Dror teaches the History of Education in Israel at Tel Aviv University and chairs the Jewish Education department at Tel Aviv University’s school of education. The author and editor of numerous articles in journals and books, Yuval has written six books in his field- history of Jewish education in the Land of Israel, the State of Israel and contemporary educational policy, progressive education, informal education and collective education. He is the editor of the Journal of Inter-University History of Jewish Education, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora at Tel Aviv University and secretary of the Israeli Association for the History of Education. Together with Nurit Chamo, Yuval recently published a book on Pluralistic Jewish education.